Business Calls Etiquette

The Correct Business Call Etiquette Tips

To run a successful business, it is always important to handle business calls properly. That is, you need to learn and adapt how to streamline your business calls. First, you can hire a receptionist and outsource call handling. Next, you need to make sure you set up a texting/email service. Finally, set up your customer service center. The correct business call etiquette is essential in every communication aspect of your business. It will result in the good branding of your company.

Business Calls Etiquette

Have you ever called a store or business and had to deal with an unprofessional employee? Maybe they talked to you like you were a friend instead of an important customer, or put you on hold instead of coming back to finish the call. Whatever the requirements, it’s a frustrating experience to deal with someone in a professional setting who doesn’t have good phone manners. These tips should provide a simple principle on how to answer the phone professionally.

Clear Any Food or Drink From Your Mouth

We’ve had those nightmarish requests where the person trying to help seems to have taken a bite out of a sandwich. Do what you can to spare someone that experience. If possible, save the snack or lunch for a set break time so you don’t have to swallow the food before taking a call. If you can’t take a break, make sure you’ve swallowed the food completely before answering the phone.

Be Prepared

Business Calls EtiquetteHave you ever called someone and been put on hold immediately because they were unwilling to help you? This is a frustrating experience because we always expect a person to be ready when they answer the phone. The best way to be prepared to enable a person is to have your workspace in order. Also, make sure your screen is in view and important computer applications are ready. Getting things in order ahead of time will save you valuable time and allow you to jump in and help your client whenever you want.

Limit Any Distractions

When answering the phone at work, all of your attention should be focused on the person you have on the phone. If you focus your attention on the people and conversations about you, you have the potential to overlook essential details that can help your client. If something happens about you that you need to be involved in, politely ask the person if they can wait or if they can call back. Avoid starting a negative conversation while the person on the phone can still obey you the phone.

Use the Right and Proper Introduction

The moment you pick up the phone, you need to clear up any confusion about who you are and what exactly you can do to help your customer. Your smooth opening sets the tone for the rest of the call. When you answer the phone, try to incorporate these elements into your presentation. This will give people a general idea of the person they’re talking to and whether they want to continue. It will also reinforce the impression that you are willing to help them.

Focus on the Caller

An important part of taking a call at work is to listen to what the caller has to say for you. Not only do you need to know the caller’s name, but you also need to find out exactly what the problem with the call is. After you know the concern, you should ask how you can help them solve the problem. Be careful not to interrupt the customer as they describe the problem, even if you think you know what they might say. Give them a chance to talk and then move toward a solution.